We’re delighted to announce the addition of a lager to our line-up of award-winning beers.

Called Conquest, the 4.5% beer is seriously refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Conquest is the latest new Woodforde’s beer and signals the beginning of further planned innovation in response to emerging market trends and changes in drinkers’ tastes.

Our head brewer Neil Bain is very pleased with it: “Conquest is a clean, crisp premium lager, with a glorious citrus finish and a full palate, which we’re confident will make people want to come back for more. It’s bold and bursting with modern hop varieties, making it our own take on a pub favourite, but with a contemporary twist – light, refreshing and thirst-quenching.”

James Armitage, commercial and marketing director, said: “This is a real milestone for us, because Conquest is the first lager to be brewed under our own name. Until now, people probably knew us best for traditional-style beers and ales, or the own brand M&S lager we’ve brewed – but we’re now in a dynamic, fast-changing beer market, where drinkers are continually seeking out new styles. We felt the time was right to explore new territory with our own innovative new lager. We’re really excited about it!” 

As part of an initial launch period, Conquest will be available on draught in specially selected pubs across East Anglia, with publicans able to order it in 30-litre kegs. In 2019, we plan to release Conquest in cans. You can find out where it’s on the bar using our Conquest Lager Stockists Map.

It’s Time to Conquer Your Taste Buds!

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