Neil Bain and the brewery team at Woodforde’s have been hard at work throughout 2018, brewing loads of delicious beer. As much as we love the brewery though, we were running out of space to store and ferment our beer. Fortunately, Neil and the team found a solution!

New Vessels in place at the brewery

In September and October, we took delivery of two new 80-barrel fermentation vessels – each able to hold the equivalent of 320 casks or 23,040 pints of beer. The vessels were lifted into place at the crack of dawn, whilst some very happy faces from the brewery stood watching. The vessels are outside of the brewery but are jacketed and clad with full temperature control, allowing the brewers to keep an eye on everything without having to worry about the temperatures outside.

The new vessels have pressure control, which will allow us to brew naturally carbonated products by controlling the top pressure during fermentation. They also tend to produce beer with a higher CO2 content, providing ideal conditions for brewing beer intended for bottling.

View from the top of the Fermentation Vessels

The vessels are now fully plumbed in and hooked up to the rest of the brewery. They are currently storing Mark’s and Spencer’s British Lager, ready to be canned in a few weeks’ time and delivered to M&S stores throughout the country. The brewery team will soon be brewing more of our exciting new lager Conquest too, which will ferment in the new vessels, before being put into kegs for delivery to our stockists.

Would you like to learn more about brewing? Our brewery tours are running every weekend throughout November and December.

Come and pay us a visit, there is plenty to learn (and taste)!